Saturday, September 29, 2007

4+ Months Post Op - An Exciting Date

It's been a while since I've posted about my recovery. Not a whole lot has changed in the last 2 months however I do have exciting news - I have a date for when my braces will be removed!

First the boring stuff. My bite has been coming along quite nicely the last 2 months. My front teeth line up perfectly now. The elastics that didn't seem like they were doing their job actually did something useful and I also had a couple of small gaps in my lower front teeth which have been closed off now. The last thing remaining is to make my upper and lower molars touch. The trusty elastics are in place so we'll just have to watch and wait.

Knowing all of that, my orthodontist felt comfortable in giving me a de-bracing date. And the much anticipated day is... November 26th!!! I think I'll book a hygiene appointment a few days after that so I'll have a shiny new smile to sport before Christmas rolls around. Christmas will be a little brighter this year!

Upcoming milestones:
Oct 17 - Visit orthodontist
Nov 26 - Braces come off