Saturday, June 4, 2011

Off to Delhi

As part of the International Studies portion of my masters, I’m off to New Delhi for 2 months. The goal during of the immersion is to improve our language skills – we’ll have Hindi classes every morning, followed by corporate or cultural visits most afternoons. There are 5 of us in the inaugural Hindi track and we’re paving the way for future Hindi track Lauderites.

After exams got done on Thursday afternoon, I rushed home to pack. By the time everything was said and done it was already midnight and we had to take a 2:40 AM bus to Newark airport. Naturally, we weren’t planning to sleep so off we went to Silk City to party with the rest of the Lauder class. 2 hours of partying later, we stumbled to the bus stop and went to Newark. My sleeping habits took the best of me as I slept on the bus and on the plane to Heathrow. Now here I am, on the second leg of the journey – Delhi is just 4 hours away!

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