Friday, July 29, 2011

In the Media

As I’ve already discussed on my blog, the Lauder Hindi track has had the opportunity to meet some pretty big names during our summer immersion.  Two of the most interesting and fun visits involved the Hindi track presenting itself in front of the Indian media.

First off, we had the opportunity to write for the Navbharat Times (Delhi’s most popular Hindi newspaper).  On day 1, we individually wrote articles about India’s arrival on the international stage and what challenges face the country.  There it is – my Hindi in full print!  Fortunately, the wonderful editors at Navbharat Times actually make my article sound somewhat legitimate.  On the second day, we had the opportunity to tag along with a reporter – but unfortunately, my reporter’s meeting got cancelled (it is India, after all).  Later that day, we collectively wrote an article about the changes that have come about in Delhi.  It felt a little artificial, but once again, we were immortalized (or something like that) on the front page of the newspaper.

The other visit was to Radio Mirchi - India’s most listened to Hindi station.  Radio Mirchi really impressed me – the employees had an energy about them, a vibe that clearly demonstrated the fun they have at work.  And that fun definitely translates into the broadcast studio.  All the Radio Jockey’s clearly love being on air.  And for a few minutes, I had the opportunity to partake in that enjoyment.  Right in the middle of rush hour, my trackmate and I had the opportunity to have a short chat live on air.  We talked about our program, our reasons for studying Hindi and even about finding the right woman!  The RJ’s and Radio Mirchi employees gave me an uber-compliment when the told me I was a natural on air.  Perhaps if the whole business thing doesn’t work out, I’ll become an RJ on a Hindi radio station!

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